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are the Gymglish team in holdays?

What happens ? Since last week (Monday October 2Oth), there is no more stories , neither audio nor text, only grammar arghhhh!.is the all Gymglish in holidays and too lazy ?the special flavor of the Gymglish lessons are the story, very useful to improve my english audio and vocabulary. Without that, the lessons are like a Mc Donald BIg Mac  with no hamburger!
Have a nice day.


  • I know how you feel : a big mac with no meat, a hot-dog with no sausage, a winter with no snow or a day with no sun... Too sad !!!
  • Hi Petroso, you should write to support AT gymglish DOT com, if you haven't done so already. They can help you better with this problem!
  •  Yesterday, i sent you exactly the same request that Petroso did on october 2014. For the whole week,  I haven't  received  a single of those little  funny stories… What's wrong the Delavigne corp? Are they spending holidays' time or are they all in bed with the flu?
    I hope to hear about them soon…
  • same problem as you since more than a week now... Is anybody going to answer????
  • Hello everyone, again, please write to:
    support AT gymglish DOT com
    if you have this problem. They can help you there, but we can't help you with this more complex problem here in the forum!

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