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Gymglish Lesson - Hiring Private Brian (Scene 8/9)

Hello everyone!

I think there may be a tiny problem in the lesson mentioned above.

Polly says "He *blank* to call me as soon as he arrives". But in the choices, I have "is" or "supposed" or "I don't know".

I hosted the pic of the result here:

Does "He is to call me asap" make any sense for anyone?

Thanks in advance :-)



  • Hi Diane,
    Excerpt from "L'anglais de A à Z - Michael Swan et Françoise Houdart - Edition Hatier"
    quote :
    On emploie la structure be to + V en anglais formel, pour parler d'actions établies à l'avance (surtout lorsqu'il s'agit d'un programme officiel). Elle existe au présent et au passé.
    The President is to visit Canada next month (Le président se rendra en voyage officiel au Canada le mois prochain)
    The Foreign Minister is to fly to Moscow for urgent talks (Le ministre des affaires étrangères doit se rendre à Moscou pour des entretiens urgents)
    He is to call me asap => Il doit m'appeler DQP
    Hope this will be helpful
    Kind regards
  • Ok, I hesitated between those too. I've already seen somewhere the use of "be + to + verb", but I thought that one was a mistake and should be only one suggestion "is supposed to" :)

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