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a little mistake

Hello dear creators of gymglish,
There's a little mistake, just an O for an E, in the lesson "Philip's E-phone: the wrong number"
Philips says "Oh, I am so sorry!  Forgot about that," instead of "forget about that," right ?
Best regards


  • Hi Pimpanella, you're absolutely right!

    I've changed this in the script, so it now says 'forget'.

    Thanks for your attention to detail, and thanks also for all the help your give people in the forum! We really appreciate it!

    In future, feel free to send suggestions like these to support AT gymglish DOT com, where we can fix them faster. Have a nice day!
  • Hi Edward, I'm delighted to meet you here !
    Are you being sent as an expendable, liable intern, to deal with the litany of questions, complaints, fears, second thoughts of  gymlish learners ?  If so, I feel sory for you, but anyway, it's nice to discover today your  answers here and there, like stocking stuffers.
    I'll do as you say and  send my next remarks to gg support, and thanks for your thanks, they warmed my soul :-)
    All the best, and keep up with your songs and guitar.
  • Hi Pimpanella, I'm not sure I can answer that question…

    But I quite like answering questions in the forum really!

    Have a nice day, and glad you enjoy the songs!

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