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As easy as A B C ...

Hi you guys !

Don't you sometimes have a strange feeling such as your lessons shrink and it's no more "Blood , sweat and tears " ?

Looking forward your clever suggestions !


  • Hey Trifle, how you doing ? It could be good news, if your lessons are more and more easy, meaning that you reached a master level !
    If it once was "blood, sweat and tears" so congratulations, the worst is behind you, smile and breathe :-)

    But I for one, sometimes feel  that  the lessons ARE too easy, when I'm asked to choose between "on and  in",  or even "two, to and too" or other obvious notions to me. But all in all, I still learn with gymglish, and feel efficient to practice every day.

    My suggestion to go further, if you didn't practice yet,  is that you read books, papers, and listen to radio in English,  and you'll make a step forward.
    And keep up the good work !

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