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I've discovered that the word "lobster" has two different translations into French: Homard and Langouste! Or, those animals aren't the same! So when I will go next to a Londoner fishmonger (if there's any...) what would I say to be certain to obtain a "homard" when  I order a "lobster"?

Funny question, isn't it?


  • Hi  Patrick !
    My first  answer to this relevant question is this one :
    If I were in a restaurant  I would use my hands and ask for "a BIG lobster, you know ? Not the little red one but the large, black,  with dangerous claws, it's called homard in French.  Maybe I can come and show you..? ;) "
    But you're right, they should have different names for different species. I took a look on Reverso dictionnary, it gives spiny lobster for langouste, because of the spines. And cray fish too, which is also the name they give to our  écrevisse...
    So if you ask for a cray fish, use your hands ;-)
  • Hello  Pimpanella
    The Harraps Dictionnary gives crayfish for langouste, while Google Traduction gives crayfish for écrevisse..or langouste!!! 
    You're right: the best thing to do is to show what one's want!
    Happily "mayonnaise"is the same word in English and French!! (even if the taste isn't the same...)
  • I could have told you even if I have never tasted :  English mayonnaise, brrrr ;-( !
    Have a nice weekend !

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