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Is there anybody learning medical English

Hello everybody, I've been learning Gg English for quite long times. Now I need to study medical English so I changed my account to an PRO account, and chose Pro Interests as "Health, Medicine". However, as I see, the lessons that I've received are not really related to health or medicine. Is there anybody learning medical English like me? I need some advices @.@. Thank you!
(Sorry for any mistake I might make, my English isn't good)


  • Hi Toshihiko,

    Thanks for your comment. The 'pedagogical' and 'professional interests' you select are certainly taken into account when we decide which lessons to send you. However, not 100% of the lessons you receive will focus on just one of your interests, for example 'education'. We take all your interests into account as well as your level. This means that you receive a variety of lessons, not just ones which focus on one specific interest. However, you will receive all our lessons which deal with medical topics over time!

    I hope this helps!
  • Thank you very much.

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