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What makes the Premium account premium ?

I've been running a Basic account since the begining and I Wonder wether I ought to take a Premium one.
With this account one can can make decision in the Funky Ftiday fate ?
Are there some trip to us or uk organized ?
Since this famous Picnic in the Park I live to run across Golden Gate Park to the Queen Wilhelmina's windmill or the statue of the admiral Nelson on top of his pedestal in the middle of Trafalgar Square.
Thank you


  • Hello Scrooge,

    Sorry it's taken a long time to reply to you!

    There are two main advantages to a premium subscription.

    Firstly, you can ask us questions about your lesson at the bottom of any email, and we will reply to you as priority. Other users normally receive a reply within a few days or more, but as a Premium subscriber, you should receive a reply within one working day.

    Secondly, your choice of pedagogical interests will be greater and include a variety of professional topics with which to customize the lessons you receive. This means that if you have professional interests, you will receive more business-oriented lessons (if you want).

    I hope this helps!

  • I have 1 year to think of it.
    After all I become a real Shakespear's follower thanks to Gymglish.
    Allthought the price is twice a Basic account... will see.
    If I manage to recruit nephews you may offer me one Premium?
    I thought of mIRC to find new suscribers but I don't really how to do it without being tagged as spammer.
    Have you got another way ?

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