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Dishes I dig

As gently requested in my last lesson correction : The Great Burrito Hunt (Scene 1 of 2) here are dishes I enjoy.
I didn't see any comment box available on the lesson so I post this here.
Infact there are too many to be listed and those are mainly legumes that can be cooked in many ways with different vegetables.
Steamed cooked vegetables are my favorites and among this big area of food I prefer all kind of cabbage : Brussels sprout, kale, cauliflower, the red cabbage (I don't know how it's called) ... with chestnuts or roasted chicory.
Besides all this I won't deny a plate of fries or an omelette.
When it comes to fast food why not a hamburger but without fishes or meat as I'm vegetarian. The soft stab of bread with tomatoes, salad and cheese remain and suit me perfectly.


  • Hello Scrooge,
    I'll start with congratulating you on your eye-catching look. From mouth to hat you're impressive. As far as I can remember, you were the first one to step onto the stage as a character. Pimpanella followed close behind you to match you as a Bécassine. It's great! It's a pity that all other walk-on parts come as ghosts. So do I myself because I am unable to play any part and I couldn't appear as I am in life, my look would make everyone flee.

    If I give your post a follow-up, Scrooge, it's because I am taken aback by your odd way of being a vegan. If you must know, I've been a vegetarian for years but just now I about to turn vegan because any time I swallow a bit of cheese I feel sick. Do you think that in a vegan sit-down restaurant I could be served a soft side of bread spread with cheese?

    Please, Scrooge, help me to come to a decision.
    And anyway, I am always interested in reading you.
  • I buy my power suits to a highly skilled tailor and my hat to a hatter of Ducktown. It's always the same but it's part of my magic touch for years. Thanks to have noticed it.

    I did a little check and I know now that I'm not and will probably never be a vegan as I can't cut the "animal subproduct" out of my daily diet. I beg your pardon. Vegan way is hard a life to live.

    If the restaurant staff hold the client choice for an order whatever it is you'll likely have you bread and cheese but if they hold a straight vegan policy you might be gently redirected to a fast food. Good answer ?

    Anyway why going to a restaurant while you can make your own sandwich at home. It's far less expensive!
  • Good answer, yes, Scrooge. The higher the rank, the lesser the chance of being tricked. I wouldn't ever order cheese... but anyway I'll listen to your advice. I'll go vegan and do my utmost to make my sandwiches at home, just as do all scrooges. At first sight it's not that easy to grow scrooge.

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