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 What does mind : Susan gets roasted ? Thank you


  • :-)) That sounds non-threatening for sure!
    And it's not like if we  just read a story about experiments upon babies which turned out moderately well, in the recent episodes of Funky Fridays ;-)
    Take one (ore two if available) between 3 and 9 I'd say...
  • So you found out about the movie just with the name of the rag doll called Pimpanella? 
    Les trois brigands is a nice cartoon indeed, adapted from Tomi Ungerer's
    very short story, the moovie amazingly kept the original drawing. If  you don't
    have children on your own you should borrow some to watch it with them.
    It's colorful, and it makes you smile.
    This is the root of the nickname I chose for this forum. The image I set is the picture of the girl whose the doll belongs.
  • Well I'm not being insensitive to your character either AhQ...
    And I'm having fun with this particular relationship that occurs here, discussing with people you don't know. The face to face is missing, so it puts your imagination at work. I feel something similar when listening to the radio, and I'm almost in love with  some radio hosts with their sole voice.
    I've few clues that tell about you AhQ,  no idea of what you look like (whereas there's a photo of me next to my posts ;-) ) but we still share something in the babbling throughout our threads.

    But I wonder what you would  think of going on with our banter in a more private way... (hum, it's not an easy thing to say, as I'm embarrassed of what you could think AND moreover, there is a mob of  fellow learners who will read that  !  ;))  Well it's said, leave it or take it, my address is alix2l at orange.fr.
    And to you Herbilloise,  I want tell because you could think you just get a foot in a dating site ;) (if we never hear about her again it's gonna be my fault !) you only have to take a look on all the very studious tone of the topics all over this forum, you're in the right place :-)
  • Suzie gets roasted has caused much ink to flow since I've been reading on  this message board.
    Thanks one more time AhQ for all the words you share with us, in every thread you post I learn some. Blunder, ok and sternly ok again. But when searching for the meaning of "tolf off" I was suggested "told off",  well I'm not going to to tell you off for that slip of the digit, just one key on the right.
    I wish I could do the way you do, use some of the one and some thousand (!) words I'm supposed to have acquired with gg program... I feel like I've been collecting and storing knowledge for long enough but that I'm still using the same few words I've known for ages.  But that's nothing but my mood for the day ...
    So welcome to Herbilloise ! New here and intriguing nickname...
  • So, I need to borrow a child to know more about yourself, rag doll Pimpanella. Who, here down this forum, would be as confiding as to lend me their child for a while? Don't worry. I'm not a pederast;
  • To Pimpanella.
    The message I sent for you yesterday wasn't delivered because the address you gave didn't work. You might possibly send a message yourself as you now can find my e-mail address on my profile. C U
  • To Pimpanella.
    As I'm totally unaware of cartoons, I hadn't ever thought what the nickname Pimpanella could possibly refer to. I just liked how it sounded like.
    What did I do as soon as I had read your post? I clicked on your nickname and I learned you had something to do with le Gîte de Flagustelle. ( I realize that I - as any daily user of the forum - had better read the personal data of our fellow-GG users.)
    As you said the face to face is missing here and that feeds our imagination. As far as the person we are connected to seems likeable, they grow in a mysterious aura that makes them as we would like they were. But shifting from a written connection to a physical one is safety hazard. We could really be flabbergasted as a dream falls flat against the real.
    Though, about our banter going on a more private way, I  won't say no. I'm gonna send you an e-mail posthaste.
  • You corrected my slip of the pen! It's was so kind of you Pimpanella. All the more so that such a mistake could be baffling for a beginner reading the post. I really need to proofread my texts before posting.  I like the way you tell me off with a bunch of flowers. I can't fail to be seduced every time you step onto this stage; I get seduced not only by your cues that call my attention every time but also by the way your good-looking character is moving.
    As you said, Herbilloise is welcome here and we'd be pleased to learn more about her herbaceous character.
  • What does mean: Susan gets roasted ? you said.
    As Susan is said getting roasted, she might have exposed herself to heat, for example she might have been sitting down on a very hot heater for hours.
    But most likely Susan has made a blunder and therefore is sternly tolf off by her boss.
    To get roasted is an informal way to say 'get harshly criticized'.
    That's nothing but my mind, Herbilloise.

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