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 What does mind : Susan gets roasted ? Thank you

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  • Pimpanella, my 4 and 2 years old grandchildren are fond of you... through "les trois brigands"... They repeit together her favorite word "crotte de bique" !!  Good time !!
  • Hello Cleo!
    Yes obviously, at four and two years old, crotte de bique is a treat!
    I liked the brigand's song,  "l'acier peut s'affûter s'aiguiser couper..."
    Have good time with your grandchildren. You'll be welcome here if you come sometimes for a chat about whatever you like.
  • Hello everyone, sorry for the belated reply here!

    Your interpretations of "gets roasted" could be correct, HOWEVER in this context of the lesson (an interview with Susie), "to get roasted" means "to be asked very difficult questions".

    I hope this helps!
  • Hey , Pimpanella an AhQ !
    Reading you both , I was thinking : why don't you two get engaged , then , we could all be invited to your wedding !
    That's all for today , must say you are my heroes !
    All the best and keep on writing !
  • Well, Trifle, would you play the go-between?
  • We cannot get married Trifle, I tell you why:
    When AhQ and me became pen-friends six months ago alongside this forum, we quickly found out that we were siblings, just like Luke Skywalker and princesse Leïla.
    It was the same kind of story, in our early childhood before we could have memories, we were seperate, sent in different families and even different countries. We never knew till we met in a passionate connexion thanks to gymglish forum that we had a twin sibling...
    But that explains why we had a so strong feeling for each other. :-)))
  • What does it mean " alive and kicking" ?

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