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Hi everybody !
My name is Laurence, I am 43 years and I live near Paris. I've always loved English and I need to practice more because I want to apply for a job where that skill is needed. I discovered Gymglish during my job search because they were looking for an Administrative and Support Manager, which corresponds exactly to my profile and my professional project. I didn't have that job but I didn't lose everything : I found that way of practicing English... I hope the luck is soon going to smile me... for a job... Meanwhile I progress in English and hope to discuss with you on a subject you appreciate :-)


  • The scheme of dropping down this lounge to introduce yourself and suggest a discussion is not a bad one, Laurence.  Who couldn't agree on that idea that improving one's English while discussing interesting matters is quite better than practicing a language just for the sake of talking. What's at issue is to find out a subject which stirs some fellow Gymglish Users' interest. So, I do my best to display hereafter some questions or topics that could possibly get a follow-up.

    Concept of bitcoin. Coins and banknotes were once witnesses of valued matters kept somewhere. Nowadays some states banks make the banknote plate go  as much as they want, making wealth where they require it be according to the capitalism rules. In such conditions, why not use a virtual money?
    HSBC. Would a physical person act as HSBC does, they would be put in jail for life.
    A film about Turner is on these days. Do yo appreciate Turner's paintings? What do you think of the man?
    Being at theatre plays or movies, do you think you come attached the most to actors or comedians?
    What do you think of a tax shift from work to consumer goods?
    In life, when are you yourself and when are you playing a role?
    Chance and necessity. Both are playing in the nature.
    I wouldn't leave, Laurence, without making a wish. I wish the luck were soon going to smile on you. On the other side, that luck could prevent you from having enough spare time to drop in on this lounge.
  • Hi Laurence,
    Suppose you get hired as administrative and support manager. That could possibly lead you to commute between your place and Paris. Would you commute by car? I guess it would be more practical to do it by jumping on the bandwagon of public transportation, be it metro, RER or train. I say "jumpig on the bandwagon" (in French prendre le train en marche) because it's the trend nowadays for people living in cities or suburbs to shun cars for public transportation. Now what would you do on the go (I mean while going to work or home)? reading a book, listening to your PM3, watching a film on a tablet, thinking, doing nothing?
    I for one think that moving on public transportation is a good mean to save time. What do you think of it, Laurence?
  • Hi AhQ,
    Pleased to hear from you! No, I didn't get hired, not yet, but I hope so. Actually, if I get a job in Paris, I will probably go by public transportation like RER and metro. And during the travel, I use to play "2048" on my IPhone or read my e-mails when I can have the conection, or read a book... It depends on my mood :-)
    For your information "prendre le train en marche" means to join a group or a project as it has already started and you have to get up to speed.
    And what about you? Where are you living ?
    What means AhQ? Strange name!
  • What a pity! My French is going wore and worse. Thank you, Laurence, for correcting me.
    Anyhow I'm pleased to learn that you are used to not wasting time while being on the go.
    The same with me. As I have been living in hinterland for some years, I jump on public transportation at any time and don't keep doing nothing. My place is Durbuy, in Wallonia.
    I chose AhQ as a nickname. That's a character of a theatre play I put on with students some years ago. Although the play is in French, the writer mentions the way to pronounce the name as in English ['a:kiu:].
    This forum is no longer the overcrowded place it was. It's up to us to liven it up.
    Looking forward to reading you further.
  • Hi Laurence,
    It's nice to have your new comapny.  I'll say with AhQ I wish you find a job, and hope you'll still come in the playground to talk with us after your daily gymglish lesson. Or before, that's what I'm doing now, some days there's always something funnier to do before working ;)
    So you had an interview with Gymglish ? You've seen the backstage of our great learning program. How was the atmosphere over there ?
    We aren't numerous here on the forum, that's true, but we're willful and persistant.
    Nice week to you.
  • Hello AhQ & Pimpanella,
    I'm sorry for the delay to come back to the Forum... I was quiet upset and busy... 
    This weekend I went to Bretagne (West coast of  France) to breath fresh air and eat fresh seafood. I am now on the way back and writing with m'y smartphone. Not easy so I won't be long but I will come back very soon.
    Looking forward to hearing from you...
  • Hi Laurence! I'm delighted  to hear of you again.
    I hope nothing too bad made you upset.  I can see (from your data under your profile) that you didn't go on with gymglish lessons, and it's  even nicer that you come on  this forum.
    Bretagne is such a nice region. I have been in Paimpol (22) a few years ago, and then in the Finistère, for family holidays, it was huge. Went to the most westerly island of Ouessant, what a spectacle! And seafood... don't tell me about it :-)
    Did you find a job by now? I guess busy is a better state to be in  than bored.
    I wish you a lovely day, read you soon.

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