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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • Hi Gee,
    she is quite right, Minha doesn't sound Malagasy name, this is just my nickname with GG. You are so kind with the explanation, thank you so much.

    Zina,Gee< do you like to play tennis? I don't play tennis but I like this sport. Zina, yes I know Justine Henin, but my preferred player is Mary Pierce.

    Zina < happy birthday to you then! How was the theatre? – I’ve never heard about Maurane, who is she? I hope you had enjoyed your evening with your husband.

    You know, my last week was really boring. I stayed home all the three days as my little baby was ill. The spring weather has began in Madagascar now, and it’s really cold. There are no snow here but really so cold!!! perhaps it’s due to climatic change !!!
    Next time.
  • Hi Gee,
    you are not boring me, neither I think!thanks a lot for the explanation.
    * yes RAOELISON Helenirina is a Malagasy name.what is a GP? is there many Malagasy people who live in your country nowadays?

    And how about the weight? is there another way to say ...kilos (as I see many times in a magazine ...lbs)

    I 'll give you a hint to make a good coktail:
    - whiskey (Dzama if you have!)
    - litchis
    (put 3 or 4 litchis into a glass of whiskey during 4 days, and blend after. add it some "glaçons" before to drink - really it tastes good!)
  • googmorning olivia my name is wafa i'm24 years old i'm ingenner in ecology i'm from algeria i'm here de learn english because my english is verry bad and i do a lot of mistakes when i write.i'll be happy if i can help you.

    From easyenglish:

  • Hi Minha and Gee and Olivia (easyEnglish) and others...

    Yes, the Maurane's show was magic. Even when she just talks, her voice is singing !
    Once she announced " the moment of frustation" !?! We were suprised. What should it sounds like ?
    Then she explains it : 12 songs of hers in an only one song during 1'30''. was it simply possible ?
    I can say to you : yes, it was possible ! She did it. Two words from a first song, three from another and so on during 1'30'' and those whe knew maurane's songs have been able to recognise the twelve songs. Every sequence of every song in the right tune ! She changed the rythms as if it was a single one : rock then salsa then romantic piano... I don't know how it is possible to do that. And the woman is beautiful, she is shining with kindless and generosity. A very powerfull moment. I weeped tears of emotion. She song an old song from one of an old CD, one of her first ones. This is a song about a south american poet whose name was Alfonsina. the name of the song is "alfonsina y el mar". This is a spanich song. Those last days I was listenning this song many, many times. And then she song this marvellous song with another arragement and with a chorist and Claudia Meyer another singer. So, as you can see, this was a very beautiful birthday !
    I'm sorry that your baby was ill, Minha. I hope that he is better today. Give him/her a kiss for me. Very often, it's a good medicine as are those of the parents.
    Now I have to end my income tax declaration and that's another kind of moments in the life... Not so good...
    Cheers ! Zina
  • Excuse me the word is not recept (I miss two idioms), but recipe.
  • Hello friends !

    Thanks to Minha for the new recept. I'll try it soon...

    I'm very happy because this evening I'm going to hear Maurane in a theater in Paris. Is Maurane a friend of yours, Gee ? I'm in love with her marvellous voice. The person seems to be friendly too.
    The two tickets are a gift that my husband give to me for my birthday. We are going to have a nice evening without our girls who stay home.
    I'm going to make me so beautiful...
    But,what do I see on the TV ? Justine Hennin who plays tennis. She has already won the first set. And now... it rains so whe'll have to wait to see the end of the match... Do you like Justine, Mihna ? And you, Gee ?
    Read you later because I'm quite late.
  • Hello friends !

    What are you doing now ? Discussing about English ? Calculating geographic coordinates to locate Gee ?
    For me, I'm trying to mix some ingredients to compose the delicious pinacolada I drank during the 7to1 party.
    I'm sorry but Gee, you are too far away (I know where you are because I bougth a GPS to locate you !!!) so is Mihna Mi... What a pity, you will not help me to taste my cocktails. Hips.... One more and I then I go to bed...
    Have a nice evening
    Zina (I am joking... )
  • Best Minha,
    I'm quite reassured at hearing that I'm not a real bore to you.

    I asked Helenirina if Minha was a typical name from Madagascar. She said it wasn't. Thus I know that it's sort of a reserved personal nickname that stirs your heart when you are called by.
    I know that Madagascar history deals with several kinds of culture and population, and French was one of them. I guess that's the reason why we sometimes come across Malagasies in France.

    About weight units
    Yankees keep resisting at using the international cgs system, at least in the every day life. I think they will do at long last.
    Example: Stop at a station in UK for refueling your car, you'll get and pay your petrol per litre, not per Imperial gallon (4.425 litres) any more. But in America they do it in US gallons (1 gal = 3.785 liters).
    The word pound comes from Latin pondus (weight). Abbrev. 'lb'
    1 lb <=> 453 grams

    About your favourite cocktail
    I'm not very keen on alcohol. I knew both Irish and Scotch whisky, I never heard of a Dzama. But I wouldn't fail to try your recipe with lychees and ice cubes. I'll drink it to you ASAP. Cheers!

    Best Zina,
    I watched and listened to Maurane occasionally. She is from a working-class region of Belgian Hainaut.
    Justine has become a Monegasque resident!
    What to say.. as a very wee girl she yet set at playing soccer.
    I was a bit disappointed at hearing her interviews after matches but I got reassured lately by seeing her with a group of friend at a lecture by a famous Canadian physicist. Good points: she invests in charities, sports-clubs and whatnot.
    But all that is mundane and humdrum hype, derisory compared with the birthday nightout with your love.
    Enjoy yourselves!
  • Hi joking Zina.
    Nice to have you back.
    Would you mind helping me undertanding what you mean.

    1° How can you make it for 'trying to mix ingredients to compose a pinacolada' that you have already swallowed up?

    2° I know I'm lagging behind but I don't know what a '7to1' party is. Please tell me. Is it that you had 7 smart guys at a time to serve you exclusively? What a abysmally wet party-story. Fortunately all the eight of you were sloshed.

    3° To prove it, the wrong use you made of your brand new GPS. What you read on it was your own location on earth. But you were hundred leagues away, so much smashed drunk and crazy you were.
    To get aware of my position, you had nothing to do but reporting my coordinates on a map.

    Thank you, Zina, for unveiling your raving talents.
    Gee (I am drooling...)
  • Hi Minha.
    * N50° E003° are geographical coordinates which locate a spot on the terrestrial globe. Madagascar straddles the 20° south circle which is commonly written S20°, it's the mean latitude of the center of the island. The longitude of the far east coast of Madagascar makes 50° east which is commonly written E050°.
    As you might notice the longitude is given with 3 figures because it can go up to 180° east or west, whereas the latitude is given with nothing but 2 figures as it can't overtake 90° north or south. When positioning a place on earth the standards stipulate that the latitude comes before the longitude.
    At the moment I write these lines to you I'm situated at N50°22'53'' E005°30'58'' ALT 165m. Such data are straight away released by a GPS (Global positioning system) which can define the position related to several satellites. The GPS says N50°22.88' E005°30.96' alt 541ft
    The altitude is the distance refered to the mean sea level. The GPS gives the altitude in feet.

    * 1 FOOT = 30,48 cm
    To approximately mentally translate meters into feet, you divide by 3 and multiply by 10.
    For instance 1000m > 3330ft. (More precisely 3280ft)
    The opposite to convert feet into metres: divide by 10 and multiply by 3.
    1000ft > 300m. (precisely 304,8m)

    * I guess my hair-splitting speech is a bit boring to you. Just let it down and enjoy living in the beautiful paradise of Madagascar.
    By the way tomorrow I have an appointment with a Malagasy GP (general pratitioner) practising in northern France. Her name is Raoelison. Does that name sounds Malagesy? Her first name: Helenerina!

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