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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • hi every body my name is wafa i'm from Algeria i'm24 years old,i'm ingeneer in ecology my english it is my first day in english gym i'm here to learn because my english is verry bad and i do a lot of mistakes when i writ.
  • Hi, My name is nax. I am very far from you. I am in Mexico City. I only study GG in the trial period to see if I can use it. I am married and I have 2 little boys. I don't know if you know Mexico but it is a nice city with problems but everywhere there are problems. We have beautiful beaches in my contry and delicious food. My favorite food is Pozole and Mole. We have a lot of places to visit here. I love my country. I can´t speak French and i'm learning to speak a little English.
  • Hi old friends : Minah, Wafa, Gee, Olivia...
    Hi new friends : Tyanina, Nax... The world is opening for all of us ! Now we are is Mexico City... what a wonderfull world !
    Hi future friends !
    Last week I was in Saint-Petersbourg during some white nights and days. I drank vodka with my friends on the rivers of Baltika sea and on the banks of the Fontanka and of the Moïka looking at the bridges that rised at 2 o'clock.
    During the day, we visited many tsar's palaces, museums, churches.
    Today, I'm back in Paris and doing my Gymglish Job...
    Next time perhaps Mexico City tasting Pozole and Mole... by the way, what are Pozole and Mole made of ?
    Please Nax, tell me what it is !
  • Thanks to Gee for the historical research and thanks to The Guardian Angel for adding information about the theme. I'll be more attentive at Chritmas time, I'll try to hear trumpets and voices coming from the canopy of heaven. Sometimes, in december, it seemed to me that I heard beautiful and smooth songs but I thought that they wcame from the church nearby.
    Friendly yours
  • Hello Gee !
    I don't find in my dictonary the right word for "choriste" in french when it means the person who sing with the leading singer. A chorus singer ?
    About the new topic in the Forum,... why not ?
    I do like your "riddles" although I am unable to resolve them.

    Hello Minha !
    Gee is right. We would like to know much more about your baby. It seems to be an excellent exercice for you to calculate his weight and height in the right unit. And it'll be an excellent exercice for others like me to recalculate in a unit that can give us an idea of the size.
    I used to play tennis, not so bad. But years have gone away and now I only play tennis somtimes during my holidays. As you do, I used first to see this sport before practising it. I do it when I began to work in a enterprise that propose it. It was not very expensive and I liked it in the very first moment I tried.
    This sport is thankless because you have to play and play before you really play tennis and during this time, one day you play as a champion (in your own opinion) and the next day you put every ball outside the court...
    This is very disappointing. Now my slogan is "No sport" as Churchill said once. I bought a Chi machine and this is the only exercice that I'm practicing every day.
    So Minha we are waiting for all the details about your baby...
    Friendly yours
  • Hi there, Gee, Zina & Co.

    As a guardian angel, my job consists of looking after a student who spends a lot of time in singing in a choir of about 50 joined voices. That CHOIR of the State University of Illinois is also called CHORAL ENSEMBLE or CHORALE. It covers a repertory in numerous genres from popular songs to classic pieces. I think that CHOIR and CHORUS are almost synonyms. The University of Illinois also includes a CONCERT CHOIR which performs high music works with orchestra.

    A singer in a vocal ensemble (choir) may also be called: VOCALIST or CHORISTER, this latter word being more suited for choirs in temples and churchs.

    I wouldn't leave without mentioning a division of my fellow angels named THE CHOIR OF ANGELS. They are specialists in backing vocals and playing long celestial trumpets. Every year they tour on earth at Christmas time.

    Heavenly yours,
    Guardian Angel
  • Zina is the right woman that puts the right word in the right place!
    I thank her for showing me the right way.
    These are the results of my search.

    As you know, in the Athenian drama, there was a group of singers and dancers that punctuated the play with comments on the action. It was called 'choros'.
    After going throughout the centuries, that Greek 'choros' turned in various forms according to the languages. Its present offsprings in English are CHORUS and CHOIR.

    CHORUS (basic definition): organized company of singers who sing in concert.
    (more specif.) body of singers who sing the choral part of a work, as an opera; group of dancers and singers supporting the featured players in a musical or revue;
    The word fits also for the part or composition being sung.

    CHOIR : organised company of singers especially in church; group of instruments of the same class (i.e. a brass choir, a woodwind choir)

    A singer member of a chorus is not called as I said in my previous note. They are called CHORUS MEMBER (generally) , CHORUS BOY, CHORUS GIRL (theatre), CHORUS LINE (musical). I presume Maurane was accompanied by a chorus line.

    Singing in a choir, they are CHOIR BOYS, (CHOIR MEMBERS).

    In closing let's sing in chorus!
  • Hello Minha.
    Here is my follow-up to your previous communication.

    From Minha Mi:
    You know, my last week was really boring. I stayed home all the three days as my little baby was ill.(...)

    We'd feel pretty honoured to be granted with more about your baby. Of course this forum system doesn't enable you to show a photograph or to make us hear your baby crying, but you could tell us something about age, sex, weight (in pounds), height (in foot), voice (in decibels), character and much more.

    From Minha Mi:
    do you like to play tennis? I don't play tennis but I like this sport.

    I don't play tennis either. If I were a tennis player I'd be an awkward one.
    But you like a sport that you don't practise. It must be your loss. I hope you'll manage to change your mind (or your lack of practice).

    Read you later?
  • hello my name is tyanina and i would participate to your discussion.i am a young girl ihave 16 years old and it a shame for me to read slowly your text in order to translate.i wand become like you and speak easily english like my maternal language. as far as i'm concerned i like listen religious music,read , speaking, and you? and i would know if i have possibility to meet you.

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