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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • Hi Zina, Pozole is like a stew it is made of cooked corn grain and pork. It is surved with choped onions, lettuce, radish, some people like it with avocado, chili. You can eat it with a cream tostada. It is very delicious.
    Mole is made out of a lot of ingredients basically different kinds of chilies, chocolate, peanuts, I really don't know what else they put into it. I buy it all mixed. It's brown and the flavor is a little sweet and hot since it has chili. It is served with chicken and normally it is accomponied by rice. Pozole is a typical dich from Guerrero Mexico and Mole is found in different cities like Puebla, Michoacan and Oaxaca.
    Thanks for asking.
  • Thanks for answering.
    For me is a pleasure to meet you, too.
    I'm totally agree with you, when I went to Germany, I had been tryed talking in English, I think that is necesary.
    The swimming-pool was fantastic :D. And today I will go to de Market with mi friends;)
    Where are yu from?

    Ypurs faithfully!!

  • Hello!! My name is Lucia and, It is the first time that I connecting in this forum. I'm from Spain, and I am 16 years old. I like to practice writing English, because this summer I don't go to the English school, and I make a lot of mistakes when I write when I speak...In conclusion when I practice English... For me this language is difficult. But I considerate that this idiom is the most important, for this reason if our see a mistakes in my composition, tell me;)

    Today I will go to the swimming pool with my friends, :D.

    Best wishes

  • I read me once more and I see many mistakes in my text, all professors were IN the bar and not ON the bar or under (?) the bar ; there were people from 12 nationalities ; why I didn't respond...
  • Hello Luci and others,
    I'm back in town after a birthday feast near grenoble (in Alps, moutain in south-eath in france). It was a very happy feast.
    After that, I went in Belgium, near Antwerpen (Anvers), to improve my russian during 10 days of intensive curses.
    What a pity that I didn't see you Gee ! Were you somewhere in the neighbourhood, Gee ?
    There were courses during the day (like school lessons) and after we had cultural activies like theater, choir, danse. I choosed choir because I do like sing russians songs. At the end of the courses, we had a show where every class has presented something it had prepared, as danse choir and theatre groups have done.
    10 days of intensive work but 10 days of happy feasts every evening or more exactly every night. Russians people do like have feasts and all proffessors were on the bar and the danse place until 1 o'clock.
    It was very tiring but so interesting, dynamic and amusing... I had a very good time and I really improve my russian because there were 12 peoples from 12 nationalities and we had to speak russian most of the time, not only during lessons.
    Tomorrow, I will be at work... this is another bockground, even if I do enjoy my job and my colleagues.
    All of this to explain to Luci why i don't respond sooner.
    Bye everyone and readyou later !
  • Nice to meet you Luci !
    I'm not 16 years old... I would have liked it !
    I think as you do that English is difficult, as... Spanish is !
    But I do like to learn one and the other because I like travelling and when I'm travelling, I like speaking with others (or trying to do it).
    For exemple I would like to go to Mexico and taste Nax's delicious plates. But I'll do it when I would speak spanish in a good way.
    I hope that you'll have a good time in the swimming pool !
    Friendly to all Gymglish Users !
  • Hi old friends : Minah, Wafa, Gee, Olivia...
    Hi new friends : Tyanina, Nax... The world is opening for all of us ! Now we are is Mexico City... what a wonderfull world !
    Hi future friends !
    Last week I was in Saint-Petersbourg during some white nights and days. I drank vodka with my friends on the rivers of Baltika sea and on the banks of the Fontanka and of the Moïka looking at the bridges that rised at 2 o'clock.
    During the day, we visited many tsar's palaces, museums, churches.
    Today, I'm back in Paris and doing my Gymglish Job...
    Next time perhaps Mexico City tasting Pozole and Mole... by the way, what are Pozole and Mole made of ?
    Please Nax, tell me what it is !
  • Zina,
    I reread me and I noticed a mistake that's soiling my text on the first line. Please don't read "You had a thought for me" but "You thought about me".
    Much better so!
    I'd be pleased you correct me if need be.
  • Oh, Zina, I’m so pleased you had a thought for me when coming to Antwerp.
    Do you take me for a flying Harry Potter? I wasn’t sitting in on your happy meeting. But I was indeed not so far away.
    So you went from feast to feast! Grenoble for your(?) birthday, Antwerp for your Russian!
    What a groovy life for a groovy full of beans woman !
    I want to tell you that I’m always so pleased to read your reports. Way to go!

    As you said in your additional tip, there were some mistakes in your report. As we are using this forum to improve our language, if you don’t mind, I’d point out some further improper writings that came out because you wrote in a hurry. (By the way, aren’t you a broker? if I remember correctly.)

    Antwerp is the English name of Anvers but there in Flanders some fanatical nationalists voted on a bill forbidding the use of foreign languages for Flemish cities. That’s not headed against English but against French. So from their point of view you were right with saying Antwerpen (Dutch name).

    I think it’s better not to put an S at the end of Russian when it’s used as an adjective.
    Mind the past of to choose: choose, chose, chosen.

    I’m admiring you for learning English and Russian at the same time. Once again I want to tell you how much I enjoy your reports.
    If you’re a broker as I think and speaking Russian as well, I’d have some questions about the Russian economy. Are you?
  • Hello everybody !! :)

    I'm happy to see that this forum is so full of people!

    Oh swimming pool?? Great! In France (East), the weather is too bad for that!

    I'm 16 years old and soon 17!

    Bye, and see you later!


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