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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • Hi, everybody! I'm new on the GG forum and was delighted to see that there was somebody from Madagascar! Minha Mi, though I'm French, I'm half Mauritian. I love Mauritius, it's such a beautiful island and the people there are so sweet. I've been 4 times and will probably go again next summer (I'm trying to save money!!).
  • hi Edelweiss, i had to do some supper for my family so i closed my computer.
    To day, because it was not raining i took my bike ant went to buy some bread in the village at 6 it is raining again so i will go to see a film "Caramel" about 5 women in Beyrouth
  • hello Zina,
    the weather is so beautiful that i will stay at home during these 15 days of holidays...when the sun will come back i will go for hours in the "marais poitevin" on my bike. I wille meet neighbours because i don't have time enough to see them during the year; i will try to leave my car in the garden because i use it to much to go to work at 55 kilometers
    I could also go on my boat to see herons and others animals that live here.
    I like to do jams too : blackberries and plums are ready on my shells and so are 2 bottles of plum liquor: good things for bad days !!!
  • By Nelly Anene


    Hi Gee
    My name is Nelly, am from English speaking country, but right now am in France but am finding it difficult to communicate with people in French language, please can you help me out of this difficulties; since you are from French speaking Country? as time goes on we can change e-mail address for a better communication. Bye and hope to read from you soon.
  • Wow!
    Here anybody could feel like in the UN building.
    People from Madagascar, France, Spain, Cote D'Ivoire... and the pozole's man from Mexico.
    Hi everybody!
    I'm in San Francisco, California.
  • Don't worry, Gee !
    The weather is so cold now but you are right, the party was so hot !
    Since that delicious moments, I had to put a polar bear fur upon my salsa costume. Feathers will be a little bit crumpled but no matter...
  • Hi GG'sfriends !
    No more news ! Are you all lost in space ? World is so great !
    I'm sorry Gee but I'm not a broker... I work in traffic simulation. I do traffic jam prognosis. I don't know anything about european economics, neither russian one ! Sorry but I can't help.
    What about Nax, Lengua verde ? Are you safe, out of the road of Dean cyclone... I hope so !
    What about others friends ? "I have a terible feeling of angst" when I don't hear about you...
    Please, help me !
  • What ! You are from San Francisco, California, and we can meet you on the Gymglish forum !
    Where are you realy from Lengua verde ?

    Thanks to you... I was looking at the disappearance of our item "Hi!" from the Forum. I was crying so much because I do like this item for talking with friends... But you came and fired it again so... thanks to you, new friend ! You saved our talking item !

    What about others friends ? Are you in holidays ? I was in the country with cows and chickens. I walked with my dog. I gathered mushrums and mulberries in woods... How delicious was the omelet with chanterelles ! How delicious and healthy will be the mulberries jam this winter. Now I'm home again but I'll not work since two weeks. I want to enjoy Paris during august... I think I'm going to visit the show in Rodin Museum : "japanese Rodin" where we can see his works about the geisha Hanako.

    And you old fellows ? What are you doing ? De you enjoy your town ? your country ? Do you intend to see abroad how the world is ? I do like travel but I also do like France... What about you all ?
  • Hi Forestine,
    are you still on?
  • To Zina

    Oh my dear, I'm so sorry for having mistaken you.
    Of course you are setting up traffic prognosis, you spoke about it some time ago.
    I guess you've been overwhelmed with duties today with the summer carnival at Delavigne's. Really crowded. I've been stuck in the throng for hours.
    Good to me. I could unmask your true face and I got filled with raptures.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for our pleasant encounter.
    Wish you to chill out after such a hot party.

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