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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • it was a so beautiful day yesterday that we went to the sea side and swim for a cold but delicious bath !
    Today it's still sunny but i cann't go for bike: it chain has broken this morning. Happely i was just washing my bike (chain, wheels ...) !
    I made jams at the beginning of August, after having pick up blackberries on some little roads and plums in my parent's garden!
  • From The Guardian Angel:

    Are you tortoise or lobster to have a shell, forestine?


    certainly not, excuse me i was talking about shelves or rayons (what is the best ?)
  • Keep cool, Forestine79 ! I didn't find out the wrong word before our sweet angel talked about it...
    You told about jams and where are jam jars most ot the time ? Not in shells... Our mind is such a logical world that it can correct automatically most of the mistakes we ever write in our messages... And our mistakes are usefull because with them we can have some news about our lovely Guardian Angel... How are you Angel ? In a shell in the bottom of the sea or on a shelve between two jars of blackberry jam ? Ow ! I know... you are everywhere waiting for helping us in any case we need it... That's right... On my tricycle I feel your guardian breath when cars pass along me... You know what, today sun is shining ! What a marvellous day !
  • Please correct the errors in my text mather>>mother and so on ...
  • Hi friends !
    I see that two of you like bicycle. 3 years ago I bought a tricycle for my mother because she was old and could no more ride a bike. Unfortunately, roads in her country are not easy for this sort of vehicule. roads are convex and it seems that you are going to fall by the side although it's impossible. In the early august I came and saw my mother and I Came back to paris with the tricycle in my car...
    Now, back in my town, when it doesn't rain (rarely), I took the tricycle, as forestine79, and I go to buy some bread at the bakery. I can say to you that the tricycle is a fantastic way to meet people in town. You all know yhat it's very difficult to meet people, even neightbours, in town but with a tricycle, everyone talk to you and ask wher did you buy this vehicule, how much it costs and so on. It's as good as a dog to meet people...
    What about you Gee ? Did you see a girl on a red tricycle riding in the road with a salt rose (for friends who were not on the forum at this moment, it is an very old story) in her basket ?... and with a polar bear fur on her salsa's costume... What a picture !!!
    You must all know that riding a tricycle is not simple. It's much surprising. But when you are sure that you can't fall in most situations, it's very easy but at the first time you ride it it seems to you that you are going to fall because you are not straightly vertical.
    Two days ago I visit the show "Japanese dream" in the Rodin's Museum. It was very interesting with the Rodin's collection of japanese prints. There were marvellous "katagami" too. One of them shoms the ballet of two carps (the fish). How can artists shom this lively scene simply cutting black paper ! The real subject of the show was the geisha Tanako, a japanese actress in shows in Paris in this time of the XIX’s century. At the end of every show she made a hara-kiri and her face showed all the expressions of a people who do violence to herself.
    Rodin asked her to be his model and he catched those expressions of suffering. Very impressive ! Finally, tanako agree the Rodin’s proposal to be his naked model and many drawings are showed in the museum too.
    Did I tell you that I saw a marvellous sculpture in the “Russian art museum” in Saint-Peterburg ? Naturally, there are many and many others marvellous art works in the museum…
    It is a marble sculpture that shows a young woman crouching who learns her baby walking. The baby is very concentrated on his task and the mather is so attentive to the young baby. Their dresses are made of very delicate textile. I spent many time in front of this sculpture…
    Friendly yours Zina
  • From forestine79:
    (...) talking about shelves or rayons (what is the best ?)


    A shelf sort of is a piece of furniture like that one where your blackberries and plums had been placed with the prospect of making jam with them.
    You could call it a "rack" too, forestine79.
    But don't call it "rayon" which is a French word. In English "rayon" is that textile fibers made of cellulosic material that French call "rayonne".

    Anyway as long as you talk to logical minds like Zina's, no problem with words. Those minds penetrate your thought and even anticipate it. That's why Zina already saw the jam jars on your shelves (or racks). Has the jam has been made at the moment?

    But the Guardian Angel hasn't a logical mind, he's only a spiritual one. As he is used to flying over Irak, he is daily confronted with shells jammed with ingredients bought for the price of a pizza. There are all kinds of IEDs (improvised explosive devices), some hidden inside the roads but also some like rockets and shells shot by guns .
    However, as everyone here at GG, the angel could straight away tell you weren't a fighter of the Jihad but a nice people fond of bicycle (until you hop up onto Zina's tricycle) and sun and jam. He figured out that you were about to jam shells with succulent blackberries and delicious plums. If I'm wrong let's the Guardian Angel deny this explanation.

    Go on with your diary, forestine79. Like Zina's it's the best food for mind.
  • From Nelly Anene:
    By Nelly Anene
    Hi Gee
    My name is Nelly, am from English speaking country, but right now am in France but am finding it difficult to communicate with people in French language, please can you help me out of this difficulties; since you are from French speaking Country? as time goes on we can change e-mail address for a better communication. Bye and hope to read from you soon.

    Good day, Miss Nelly.
    I got your e-mail address you posted elsewhere in this forum. I will straight away send you my e-mailed reply in French.
  • Hi, Zina,
    My previous writing here above was my answer to your tip of Aug. 22. Absentminded I hadn't read your last report yet.
    As usual you make it to get me jealous and frustrated.
    Your art review of the special exhibition at Rodin's Museum is quite riveting. It drives me to go and see it.
    Besides you amazed me by saying that Tanako the geisha could make a hara-kiri at any of her shows. For my part I wouln't be able to make it more that once, if that!
    About the picture for the zine, it's fantastic to make it up with a red tricycle + a polar bear fur + salsa costume + a radiant Zina. I wish you a funny covergirl career.
    With love,
  • Sure thing, Zina, you are looking like a Russian princess with a white polar bear fur covering your shoulders. The best luring first step of the strip party. Just make it with your partner by asking him to hold his horses, that's concerning the feathers.
  • From forestine79:
    (...) I like to do jams too : blackberries and plums are ready on my shells and so are 2 bottles of plum liquor: good things for bad days !!!

    Are you tortoise or lobster to have a shell, forestine?

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