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I'm Olivia and i'm a ivorian. I search friends in Gymglish to discuss, to talk about everything and nothing, and also to play!
I'm 15 years old, and I live in Côte d'Ivoire with my mother, because my father lives in Senegal with his wife and my brothers and sister. I must know english because soon I will work in an international organism(this is my dream). So, if you want me become your friend, join me! (ps: if my texte contains mistakes, mention it please!)

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  • Hi Zina, i just came back from Paris where i went to an amazing marriage so i am tired too and will soon go to read then sleep a while. I think i understood some of your thinkings, (probably not all) and i like your sentence "We have also men (scientists or woman) who try to explain these events by differents ways that are not so far away one from another... " !
    I am not quite sure that i would go very oten in the corner for those interested in mathematics....but perhaps i should and would understand new things !!!
  • Hi, hamma, welcome to you and have a goog time on Gymglish. How was your day to-day?
  • Hi !
    Thanks to you Gee for the link to fractal information.

    About suites and series, I know that in french a "suite" is a sequence of items defined by a first term (or 2 or 3 ) to initialize the sequence and most often a formula for the others 2d, 3d, 4th... n items and so on.

    For example : the suite "Un" defined by U1=1 (the first item), U2=1 (he second item),
    and the general term Un=(Un-1)+(Un-2) in french "la suite de Fibonacci". We can see that in this case we must have two initial items to define the suite.
    So U1=1 ; U2=1 ; U3=U1+U2=2 ; U4=U3+U2=3 ; U5=U4+U3=5 ; U6=U5+U4=8...

    Then in french "la série associée à la suite Un" (we'll call it "Wn" for example)is defined by the generic formula : Wn=U1+U2+U3+......+Un (the sum of all the item of the suite from the first item to the n item.
    The serie begin with :
    W1=U1=1 ; W2= U1+U2 = 2 ; W3=U1+U2+U3= 4 ; W4= U1+U2+U3+U4 = 7 ; W5=12 ; W6=20......

    Is this first lesson of mathematics clear ? Is this the same definition in English for "suite" and "serie" ?
    To the GG friends who hate mathematics : please excuse me !

    I didn't end the book about the fractals but I read two others books : "Russia according to Poutine" a very sad report of russina society by Anna politovskaia, the murdered journalist.
    I am reading another book whose name is "Chaman's tribulations in Paris" writen by Corine Sombrun. How can I say that the book about fractals and the book about the chamane woman in Paris joined together.
    We have in the two books many natural events without explanation. We have also men (scientists or woman) who try to explain these events by differents ways that are not so far away one from another...
    Does somebody unserstand what I am trying to explain ? Gee ? Guardian Angel ? Forestine 79 ? God ?

    Now I am going to sleep a while... I'm tired... Too much thinking...
  • Hi friends !
    Today I had a very heavy workday... But what a nice moment when I read the Guardian Angel's answer !
    Yersterday, I began to read a very instructive book about mathematical objects named "fractals" (is this the right word in English ?). The book is written like american ones of scientific popularization. It lightly explains the mathematical and physical theories from the end of the 18th century till nowadays.
    If we remember our years in school (many people on the forum seem to be in those years yet), we studied functions very regulars but most them applied to the nature environment are not regular at all. The mathematical theories have to describe all these irregular situations. But for example, do you know that most of the flowers suit to this rule : the number of their petals is a number of the Fibonacci suite (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,... each item is the sum of the two previous items). So I'm going to make my GG daily exercice and then continue to read my book before cooking diner...
  • Hi Gee !
    Thanks you for sending me the Skype link.... I think about it and perhaps I'll get it on my computer to talk with friends like you. But I'm afraid that I have not words enough to talk with you ! My vocabulary is still poor without a dictionary... and what about my pronuntiation !
  • There is a bug.
    My nickname is "oliviermichel".
    And the machine did not put the text above in quotes. It's heavy.
  • From Gee:
    Hi Olivia!
    My name is Gee. I'm a European man, too old to play with a young girl of 15.
    However I want to meet your post-scriptum about mistakes.

    1. Ivorian : I think that word isn't used in English. You'd better say "I'm a young girl (native) of Ivory Coast". As for me, I take your 'Côte d'Ivoire' in French with pleasure because it's a nice French speaking country.

    2. to search in the meaning of 'looking for s.o. or sthg' is intransitive. You search for friends. One could also search after one's keys.

    3. English with a capital letter. Names and also adjectives of nationalities and langages must begin with a capital letter.

    4. Organism : that word suits for a biological structure or some other ones, but it doesn't fit here. You'd better say 'International organisation'.

    5. text : written without an e at the end.

    6. 'I will work' for an international organisation. This future makes me assume that you've been appointed yet and that your job will start soon or that you are about to be appointed. If it were just a dream, you should tell it otherwise. I'd like to.. I hope to... I want to...

    Friendly yours.

    How is called an inhibitant from Ivory Coast ?
  • Two gods put me in charge of answering Zina's question about the understanding of her mathematics lesson on series. The first god is yours, Zina, the second one is mine. (Every one has their own god, that's why there are so many here in heaven.)

    Both tell you
    following you.
    Thanks to you,
    Best Zina,
    Mathematically angelica,
    We catch a bit about it,
    Sure we'll make the best of it.

    Additional notes from gods.
    1. Here in heaven we think that suite - sequence - series are all suitable words for the Fibonacci mathematico-algebrical function. Gee was wrong at wondering whether series was better than suite. You can say Fibonacci suite (pronounced [swi:t], just like 'sweet', not like suit [su:t]), or Fibonacci sequence, or also Fibonacci series.
    However, as Zina is destined for giving lectures to American people in Harvard or, at least, for the mathematics faculty of the GymGlish, she had better using "series" with an 's' at the end, for the word "serie" doesn't exist in English. Nevertheless weird exotic ways of using English sometimes bestow an special aura to a foreign scientist.
    2. Gods think that Zina should open a new topic here in the lounge for matters dealing with mathematics. That would be the favourite corner for those interested in that matters (think of Gee, myself reporting here god's thought, and some others that would come on.)

    Gods cannot be held responsible for any possible misreporting of their thought.
  • Best Zina,
    It's really chilling out to get the pleasure of reading you on the sunset closing a weary day.

    About the sex of angels theory handed out by The Guardian Angel, we just have to take it for true. He knows what he's saying, even though a slip of his pen lost a negation in the rape (Gabriel could'NT help raping Mary, of course!) You can't be too careful with angels, Zina.

    I've been quite interested by your information about the petals of flowers. A have some question about it.
    You started the Fibonacci series (Isn't it a series rather than a suite?) with 1. You missed the 0 that normally comes first. I mulled a lot over the missing 0. Does it mean that there are no flowers with zero petal? Or that a flower without any petal is a monster, just like a four-leaf clover? If a monster like a four-leaf clover is a lucky charm (it brings good luck), a "non-leaf" (without any petal) flower, as being a monster, should also bring good luck.
    Therefore I thought I'd like to offer you a nosegay of flowers totally lacking petals. Such flowers would be stark naked stalks. Sure thing they'd bring you a lot of good luck.
    But there's a snag! Such flowers wouldn't give off any scent. And we all presume that your nose can match Horatio's because you're a fad of any fragrance by Delavigne.
    I eventually decided to give that issue the easiest way. Let's consider there are no flower with 0 petal. So the Fibonacci series is save and I make do with sending you my best lucky-scented wishes.

    You're right using "fractal". You made me learn a lot about fractals on
  • From Zina on Aug 28, 06:14 PM:
    Guardian Angel ! I'm so disappointed... I thought you were like angels are... without sexual impulses ! Not male neither female... How God can accept this sort of thing ?


    I'm so sorry, Zina, for having to tell you you were totally wrong.
    Angels have a lot of sexual impulses 24 hours a day.
    True to the tradition you might think that the sex of angels in unknown, that doesn't mean they haven't any.
    Some of my fellow angels are male, some are female with multiform impulses, hetero or homo(when queer).
    For instance, as accounted in the Gospel, my fellow angel Gabriel some time broke into Mary's room as her husband Joseph was at work. Mary was a so attractive girl that Gabriel could help raping her. A boy was born 9 months later. The forensic evidence told the boy wasn't Joseph's and, as Gabriel had been so clever as disappearing without leaving his personal genetic map card, Joseph told around that God had been the rapist.
    All this story to make you understand, Zina, that your daughter on the roof was a lure for more than one angel.

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