English Vocabulary

a dot is a dot

is a star!
The word  I was asked to write down in the blank was defined like this:
It's on a key located on  the bottom left hand side of a telephone. The symbol of it is "."
So, I didn't bother to take out my phone,  I typed "dot" in the blank. And I was supposed to type "star".
Ok, from now on, I'm taking all clue with a pinch of doubt, as my friend AhQ often advised us to do.


  • Hi Pimpanella,
    I just checked my lesson "A Delavigne Love Connection (Scene 2 of 8) - Icarus
    Quincy calls the 'Love Connection' hotline on Radio Rhubarb".
    As you can see below, the star is clearly visible :

    2. This key is located on the bottom left hand side of a telephone. Its symbol looks like this: *. 'Please press the XXX key'.

    Maybe some trouble with your glasses ;-) ?
    Have a nice day Pimpanella.
  • Hi Thierry,
    You don't say? That's what I thought for a while, that I had gone suddenly more presbyopic ;-) But it really was a very little dot! Anyway I'll chek with glasses, or without my lenses.
    What kind of bicycle are you riding? I'd bet for a moutain bike but the picture is so small... Uh, my lenses again? ;-)
    Thank you Thierry, your reply confirms that doubt is needed everywhere.
    Nice evening to you.
  • I've run a test on that puzzling question about dot and star: asked one of my kids who was passing by what he could see there.
    He was formal, this is a dot he said. He's thirteen, dosen't suffer from presbyopia nor any ametropia. So no star for me on that lesson, with Firefox browser. 
    I.T.'s mysteries are unfathomable...
  • Yes, the computer display is sometimes capricious with the "little fox" ...;-)

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