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Can you explain to me the real difference between : BLOODY and RARE with regard to a steak.


  • Wotcha Jean-Pierre,
    I guess it's only a question of cooking time :
    the duration of cooking for a bloody steak is shorter than for a rare one...
    But I agree with you, the subtlety of these 2 cookings isn't obvious for me either...
    Nice day to you
  • Hi Jean-Pierre, and Thierry,
    I agree with Jean-Pierre and with the translation given by gymglish for "rare",  the difference is  in the cooking time.
    But we do have the same subleties in French: when we cook a steak SAIGNANT its RARE, and when we cook it BLEU it's BLOODY, warm but almost raw.
    Have a nice rare day both of you!
  • On the rare occasions I was ordering a steak so far, I asked it be well-done because I couldn't make out that bloody words 'rare' and 'bloody'. My thanks go to the cycler Thierry who enables me to end my next dinner with a red blood trickling down my mouth.

  • A recent experience  in London made me find out that bloody and rare are both synonymous of well done
    Nice day
  • Hi anper,
    This is the reason for what English cooking has always been beyond all understanding for me ...
    Good digestion despite everything and nice day to you

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