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to help Vs to help out


what is the difference between to help and to help out?

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  • Hi Little Parrot,
    Below a very clear explanation I founded out on the website "wordreference".
    The author is Il fuoco, senior member.
    Quote :
    'To help' can be followed with another verb (in the infinitive) which is the action that the subject is 'helping' to do, i.e.:
    He is helping me to (optional) move.
    Someone needs to help me finish this cake!
    'To help [qqn] out' cannot do this; it merely means to help without this specificity of how the subject is helping, so you can say:
    He helped me out of a mess back there.
    We decided to help him out.
    But not
    He helped me out to move
    Someone needs to help me out finish this cake
    However, you can say:
    She helped me out by driving me to the airport when my car broke down.
    End quote

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  • Intricacies of english language...

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