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An enormous mistake wich had to be corrected

I am very angry because you have make a very big mistake in the correction of my last english lesson : Radio Rhubarb Weather Snow in San Francisco.
When the very smart girl "Candy" says : It's snowing in San Francisco, maybe you're experincing global freezing, she is wrong and makes a mistake but she see the link between world wild climate change and the weather in San Francisco. If you agree with this interpretation you have to correct immediatly my "today score". I am very very anxious to read your answer because if you are not OK perhaps i will decide to leave definitively Gymglish after one year of big work. Probably your computer is wrong. I hope ... Best regards JL GERBAL


  • Hello Jean-Luc,

    Thanks for your comment, and sorry for taking a long time to reply. As AhQ helpfully said, the forum is not the best place to ask questions to the staff about your lesson. If you want to do that, you should write to (replace AT with @).

    I can see your perspective on this question: it's possible to think that Candy is suggesting that there is a global phenomenon of freezing rather than warming, which is linked to the weather in San Francisco. However, I don't think it's likely that she's suggesting an alternative theory of global climate change; it's more likely that she doesn't understand the link between the global warming and the weather in San Francisco. Sorry if this question wasn't very clear though.

    Regarding your score, I'm afraid it's technically impossible for us to change it after your lesson is completed. However, rest assured that small mistakes like this won't have a big impact on your general level.

    I hope this helps!
  • Hello Jean Luc,
    Your post has been left with no follow-up for 5 days yet and is likely to be so for long because this forum is meant to allow Gymglish users to be in contact with each other but not with the teaching robot. If you want to get in touch with the staff, there is another address on the site that I confess I'm not able to remember right now.
    If I give a comment to your wish that a mistake were corrected, it's to point out that your request looks like a blackmail. As for me, the question is to decide who is right  and who is wrong, Jean Luc or the robot?
    Don't take it the wrong way, Jean Luc. If you must know, I for one prefer to read a blackmail than having nothing to eat.

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