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Leçon trop facile

Depuis quelques temps maintenant, mon niveau n'évolue quasiment plus. Pourtant, les résultats que j'obtiens tous les matins sont plutôt bons. Ayant demandé à travailler la "reading comprehension", les textes qui me sont proposés ne me posent aucune difficulté. Je suppose que pour avoir des leçons plus "challenging", il faudrait que j'augmente mon niveau qui lui, semble être bloqué (pour combien de mois encore) : ça ressemble à s'y méprendre à une boucle infinie dans un programme informatique. Du coup, çela devient ennuyeux et de mon point de vue inutile. Je maintiens un niveau, mais est-ce que vraiment je progresse, pas sûr.


  • Je vous suggère d'essayer de demander à travailler l'oral pour voir ce que cela donnerait en choisissant la longueur maximum car dans ce cas il y a beaucoup à lire au niveau des corrections et commentaires.
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  • Pendant les 6 premiers mois, j'ai demandé à travailler l'oral. J'ai demandé à travailler l'écrit depuis 2 mois environ (renouvellement de ma souscription). Le niveau des textes proposés ne me semblent pas évoluer. Par ailleurs, je suis déjà au "format" maximum concernant la longueur des leçons.
    Je ne vois pas trop ce que je peux faire de plus ...
    La seule chose intéressante, c'est le vocabulaire que je continue à "amasser".
  • Hi you guys !

    First of all : why don't you write your comments in ...ENGLISH ?..!
    Seems like that's what  we are here for , aren't we ?

    GymGlish try to do their best to please us all ( which must be a drag !) like Edward  wrote ..Edward being one of my favourite ...Among most of the team ...

    If you're disappointed with your work , or your lessons , there must be something to be done , but you have to find out ! Anyway , please : do NOT give up .Even if you don't notice it , I'm pretty sure you improve .

    And moreover , you lucky one live in Australia , don't you ?..fancy that . We all would love to be able to practice all day long .
    Have a nice Aussie day !
  • This post was deleted by the author 6 years, 7 months ago.

  • G'day, mate
    How're you going ?
    OK, i am living in Australia (i am actually in a sabbatical leave which ends next month) but i am not praticing as much as i thought. May be, it is because i am not working and it is not so easy to meet locals. I met a lot of foreigners but they usually have the same poor English as i have. So ...
    That is the reason why i don't give up Gymglish (mostly for vocabulary, idioms and grammar)
    I made big improvment on my listening & reading comprehension (certainly, because i am living in Australia, reading a lot of books and of course watching australian TV). And now, i need more challenging lessons but, what i wanted to explain in my previous message is that my level seems to be blocked (and actually, it is not the case) so my lessons are now too easy. That's all !
    But no worries, i won't give up.
    Mary Helen
  • Hi Marie-Hélène,

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your comments.

    If you write to us at (replace AT with @), we can help you more easily (and quickly) because we can see more information about your subscription and progress so far.

    Let me explain in more detail how scoring works when you become a more advanced user. All of our exercises are given a level from 1-5, corresponding to the range of the General Level. In order for your level to increase, you have to do well on exercises which are ranked 4 and 5. So you might get very good scores in general, but if you make mistakes on the hardest questions then your level is likely to stay the same rather than increase.

    That means that for our computer to understand that you need more challenging lessons, you need to get full marks on our hardest exercises. That will certainly happen eventually, if you haven't yet achieved it. In the meantime, I'm afraid we are technically unable to 'manually' increase your level – the computer does all that work for us.

    Hopefully you should receive some more challenging reading comprehensions soon. If you want to discuss this further, I recommend you email us so we can see more information about your level, etc.

    I hope this reassures you!

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