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Can I change the explaining language

Hello everyone. I have a question. The vocabulary in the lessons is explained in the language of the country we chosed in the account. But I'd like to receive the explanation of new words in English, because it's more correct than the other languages. 
Can I change the language that explains new words, without changing the country in my account? And can I have both languages :3
Thank you very much.


  • Hi Toshihiko,
    You should ask this question to gymglish team at the address:, you'd have a swifter answer.
    When you say "it's more correct than the other languages" do you mean that the explanations are incorect  in Vietnamese? That's surely an inconvenience.
    I hope your demand will be met.
    Have a nice Sunday.
  • Thank you for your suggestion. 
    I don't mean that the explanations in Vietnamese are incorrect. But you know, there are some terms or words in a language that can't be translated to another language with the fully exact meaning, and we just can get the similar meaning in the other languages. Thus, I think the best way to learning English is having the explanation both in English and native language.
    Thank you very much. I will ask to that email address.
  • Hello Toshikiko, I can confirm that we can change your subscription to the English-only version of Gymglish if you email us using the address Pimpanella provided. Have a nice day!

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