The Delavigne Corporation


Have you heard Jean Marron speaking lately? He has really improved his accent, it's amazing! It can't be from the Business English class he just started to attend, because he was  going for the second time only. So what is it? Maybe he just started to listen to people around him and at last he heard that his accent was wrong?
I'd say it's encouraging anyway, if even Jean  did it, with time and patience I'm sure all of us can come along.  We'll eventually speak fluently, understand everyone with any accent, well under way  to be bilingual.


  • Morning Pimpanella 

    I think I remember Jean was about to fall in love with a new member of Delavigne Corporation ...but she vanished in the air .Her name was Framboise ....and she was French but pretty good at English .
    She might help Jean , plus his lessons : this is why you think he improved lately !
    What about us , poor addicts who have a hard time practicing !
    Nice day 

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