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I love you gymglish

Gymglish never ends to surprise me and make me smile:
My today vocabulary was introduced by a lovely comment, where I was used to read "you were curious about this term", or "you didn't remember it last time we checked" today it was: "we show you this because we love you" :-))


  • Hi Pimpanella,
    I'm jealous, Gymglish never declared me his love ...  ;-)
    Never mind, have a nice summer !
  • Keep up the good work Thierry, and maybe when you complete 744 lessons like me you'll have a love declaration too ;-)
    Thank you, and very nice summer to you as well.
  • Ok, got it ! Even though it all sounds rather fishy to me to be loved by a robot ... ;-)
  • I must say it  remained rather platonic so far ;-)

  • I remember the first lessons when I was upset because, many times,  they count me like a mistake a good answer.
    I really ( humm;; I am ashamed ) insulted the teacher and I stayed mouth open when Gymglish answered me that the teacher was artificial intelligence , a robot.
     I was embarassed, but relieved to know that it was not a real person.

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