English Idioms


Have you ever heard of this hair colour? I'm trying to figure out what kind of colour it is, green, ripe strawberry? Cannot be  natural in any case...


  • When a strawberry begins to become ripe, its color is pale-yellow with reddish stains/areas, hence (I  assume) the designation of this hair color ( blond vénitien in French).
    Maybe an idea for the next time you will visit your hairdresser...
  • Do you think it would suit me Thierry? I don't know, I'd better not to do so. My hairdresser is not good with scissors yet, I mean not good at listening to what she is asked for, she talks too much. I'd fear the worst demanding her  an exotic color like strawberry blond ;-)
    I could also have wondered what colour is blond vénitien, besides, it's not more telling.

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