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Practice english it's possible on the forum ?

I'm dominique. I live in France and I began to learn english two months ago.
Is it possible to tchat on the forum with me ?
Thank you for helping
See you soon


  • Hi Domi,
    Yes sure, you are in the right place! Welcom on this forum, take a seat and make yourself comfortable.
    So how did you get started with gymglish, and what is prompting you to learn English?
    I've been working with it for roughly three years, doing my five lesson a week, and I can tell you it works. It  updated my basics and I learned a great deal of vocabulary.
    You do well to come and chat here, as all you read and hear in English  has to be practiced to become yours.
    Have a good week, enjoy Delavigne Corp, Bruno  and his crazy staff.
  • Great ! I wish to travel around the world in two years certainly 2018. I also hope to speak english easily at that moment there.
    Besides gymglish, i watch some english stories on You Tube and i read some books or comics like Tintin...
    I don't know if I would be able to keep this rythm.
    See you later
  • Wow, what an enthralling prospect! Be on the go for a world trip is the best motivation one can have to improve their English. And your training program sounds effective, mixing image and text and exercise with gg.
    You should set off with a good understanding and come back fluent.
    Keep up the good work up to there, Domi.
  • Yes, it's possible if you regularly answer the question and try to communicate with the members.

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