English Grammar

past present,perfect ...tense

Many years in US. 1st, I spoke only in present tense. Then I tried but ...difficult.
Until someone suggested me to use Do instead of everything.
Example: instead of: have you been in US already?
Did you go to US?
Could you tell me exactly if this is very wrong, middle wrong, acceptable.
Une bonne fois pour toutes, aidez moi!


  • You have been in the US recently, -> You were there but now you have come back.

    I did go to the US = I travelled to the US. (Preterit is for things completely achieved in the past.)
    If you said that you have gone to the US, that would mean that you  are still there or on your way there.

    Don't forget that there is a workbook available for any GGuser. (a click on the top of the screen)  I think it gets fed according to the progress of the learner.
    C U later.

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