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"call-in show" ?

Please, could somebody explain to me the difference between  a "call-in show" and a "call-in program"?
I don't understand my correction today, probably because I don't understand what is exactly a call-in show.

Thank  you for your help


  • Hello
    Just enter call-in-show and call-in program in your favorite search engine and you'll get the explanation!
    Nice day
  • Thanks Anper-
    I did before asking help : I still can't make the difference between them- 
    but it is unimportant- I need probably some experience
  • and have a good day

  • So I did too, before suggesting,and I've thought it was clear
    -Call-in/phone-in :Wikipédia gives an acurate definition
    -Program(me)/show:no distinction between English and French(as far I've understood): a show is always a program, but a program isn't often a show
    Just for kidding!
    Nice day and maybe good  holiday

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