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Introducing a new book ! ( Radio Rhubarb News Update )

Regarding this Radio Rhubarb advertisement for a new book, it was expected NOT to cross the following statement as a TRUE statement: "This product being advertised is a pamphlet on the dangers of illiteracy".  However, it was mentioned in the ad: "Not being able to read is a serious disadvantage in this modern world where writing is everywhere: on TV, on billboards, on the Internet, in magazines"; the text also mentions that without being able to read, one is "excluded" and that not being able to read is a "handicap". Do these words, especially the reference to "a serious disadvantage" not refer to or at least subintellegate "the dangers of illiteracy" ? Best regards, Sigi.


  • Hi Sigi,
    I think what you say perfectly makes sense,  you must be right about the TRUE statement.
    So I wonder whether it could be a special teasing question like gymglish sometimes  slips in our exercises, just to keep us awake : once in a while you have to select the FALSE statement!
    This could explain that...
    Gooday to you, mate

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