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Written uestions helping the understanding of the lessons

During english lessons, it is often difficult to understand the dialogue. Fortunately the questions take back in writing a part of the dialogue.
However, this ease perturbs the real understanding by optimizing wrongly my performances.
What do you think about ?
Have a nice WE !


  • Hi bravodeltafr,
    Well, I noticed like you did that sometimes the questions help to understand the audio.
    For me, it's just like in real life: depending on the context, there are more or less details that help you to understand what is said. When you're at work, you are deeply involved in your subject, you know what kind of speech goes on, the same when you meet people, when you go to the bank, etc. The understanding  is a whole made of different  signs, visual as much as words.  You're also allowed to guess, and you won't say that you cheat. The most difficult speech to catch is the radio, it's blind, they speak fast, change quickly from a topic to another...

    And now, let me have a guess about you nickname: 
    the suffix fr is for France, like in .fr ?
    Delta is the Greec D, or maybe the Delta du Rhône, living somewhere near Marseille?
    Bravo is a congratulation, to whom ?
    Have a pleasant week anyway, bravo!
  • Pimpanella, thanks for your post.
    My nickname is very simple... I'm a fan of aviation, I was a pilote and always a flightsimmer.
    The initials of my real name are BD.
    B is said at the radio language of pilotes Bravo, and D is said Delta, and so on all along the alphabet.
    And finaly, fr is my country : France.
    So, BD-France has became bravo-delta-fr !
    Have a nice day !
  • How interesting, and I guess your passion for  flying  will resonate with a good fellow of us and  staunch participant on this forum,  AhQ to name him.
    As for me, as I'm rather unaware on aeronautics,  I promptly looked flightsimmer up on the web, I could see it's related to planes but couldn't find the meaning of it.  Will you explain it to me, and say what kind of plane you used to fly?
    Thanks to you now I know  how to spell two letters in radio language, in case I need it :-)
    Good day to you too, bravodelta.
  • Hie !
    Your answer is very interesting, and permits to discuss (in english for me... I don't know where you are from).
    Simflying allows to drive a virtual aeroplane, near the real world.
    You have to get a simulator in your PC (mine is Flight Simulator). In this simulator, you have the landscape of many places all over the world, specialy the cities where there is an airport, and over all, airports are very detailled, with the runways, taxis, parks, designed from the aeronautical charts.
    You can pilot many planes, from the ULM till a Boeing 747.
    But for that, you must learn how to pilot, know how works the machine, know what are the proceedings to fly, the roads, and many other things.
    Furthermore on the Net, your flight can be controlled, as a real flight by controllers who are guys everywhere in the world. For that you must learn the proceeds to speak at the radio, and of course, learn the aeronautic alphabet (;-))
    I know real captain pilots who arrive at their real airport, and when they are at home, they open their PC, and become either a flightsimmer, either a control simmer...
    That is what we can call a passion and addiction !
    Have a nice day !
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  • Fine !
  • Wow, a severe addiction indeed, jumping from a plane to a flight simulator...
    With a very private jargon, as appropriate.
    I'm French too and here is my nickname on the pattern of yours, bravodeltafr:
    At what time are we due to land?
  • This post was deleted by the author 6 years ago.

  • Hello !
    To Pimpanella, it seems me you very well speak english, not as me...
    Your nickname Alphalimafr is possible if your initials are A-L, and if you want you can add fr, suggesting you are french.
    When you fly on a PC, you can land when you want (Often I land when a voice says "à table" for the third time !)
    To AhQ , I see i'm not the alone flightsimmer, and I know many other simmers. are you french too ? And do you fly in the real life, or on your PC and the net, or the both ?
    See you on the lessons !

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