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Access denied

Since I've updated my Windows 8.1 to 10 I can only access my Workbook by MS Edge. Until now I used Internet Explorer but now I'm always rewarded with a picture of Bruno  saying in a smile Access denied.
I logged in to my Google account but it's all the same.
I need to use IE because I can't remotely launch Edge with Liberty Basic but that's another story.
Why is the access denied in Internet Explorer ?


  • Hi Scrooge,
    I use W10 too and you can try this :
    Applications par défaut
    Navigateur Web
    Click on "Microsoft Edge" and select "Internet Explorer"
    Restart your PC after (possibly...)
    Good day to you

  • Done
    Thanks for the tips.
    It has not resolved the Access denied case but IE is the default Navigator again.
    1/2 goal achieved !
    You've updated Windows 8.1 or bougt a retail copy of W10 ?
  • I've updated W 8.1
    Try this now with IE 11 :
    Options internet (en cliquant sur la roue crantée en haut à droite)
    onglet "général"
    bouton "supprimer..."
    supprimer (en décochant si nécessaire la case "conserver les données des sites web favoris"
    Puis onglet "Avancé"
    Cliquer sur "Réinitialiser"
    Wait and see...
    No guarantee of success

  • I eventually manage to gain access to my Workbook with IE.
    I logged to Google once I had resetted IE the way you gave me.
    Thanks again
  • You know what : this sounds all gobbledegook to me but it made me smile !
    Good luck with your good job, guys , take care and carry on !
  • May I ask you what's a gobbledegook ? Regular english expression to define the Unidentified ?
    On behalf of the gobbledegooker we're  pleased to have you smiled!

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