English Idioms

Take my word for it ..

Hi there 
Got stuck this morning with daily lesson , want to know what you , clever GG addicts think about it : 
- take my word for it : believe me , alright ?
- BUT : don't take my word for it ?
Wouldn't you think " don't trust me " ?
Anyway , have a nice day , keep on working hard and having ...fun !


  • I could possibly give my word to somebody to make sure that, taking my word for it, he can trust on me and believe that I what I'm saying is true. 
    However saying "don't take my word for it" or "don't trust me" is hard to imagine if not in a funny dialog as people are joking.
    Apart from a comic context I think one could say "Don't you trust me?" "You don't trust me, do you?"
    That's nothing but my feeling, Trifle.

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