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dr Lowblaw

Why characters with such an horrible accent , which makes you think you don't understand a word of english?
Even if we may meet people coming from different countries, or speaking very bad english,such voices should not take place in your course.


  • I hardly understand too ... I have to listen several times (and for understanding only half of what he's saying) .
     By the way, could you tell us, where does Doctor Loblaw come from ? Which accent is it ?
  • Any foreign langage across the world is often mispronounced nowadays. For instance Molenbeek that came in the news these days is most often said mo-len-beak that's not the correct pronunciation in Dutch. Most people don't even know that molenbeek means millrace, a channel that in this peculiar case is a tributary of a large river that's trying to overflow half of the world. But I partly share your opinion; for beginners it's better to listen to correctly uttered words in order to understand; later it's good to get used to any way to pronounce as it happens with people around the world. (Just my mind, hey.)
  • About Molenbeek, a part of French citizens of which I am have learnt  the right way to pronunce it,  thanks to the outstanding Charline Vanhoeancker who hosts with Alex Vizorek the great brodcast Si tu écoutes j'annule tout,  on France Inter.
    But I learnt the toponymy  from you AhQ.

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