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grammatical interogation

In the lesson "Fact or Fiction" ,  on my daily review, the sentence "how about we go for a walk" poses a problem to me. I would say "how about going for a walk.


  • Hi SylTH,
    I've found examples with the construction "how about we- make, go, start..." showing that it's grammatically correct.
    You like "how about going" better?
    The difference between the two could be that the second -how about going-  is less specific about WHO would go for a walk: it's not obvious that the speaker would come along whereas the first  form is clear about that, it's a proposition we go, you and me.
    That was  not a swift answer, sorry about that, you must have noticed that the access to this forum IS NOT easy to find, I was told by one of the gymglish team it was a bug to be fixed, but it seems to continue.
    I hope it helps anyway,

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