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I feel lonely

Is there anybody out there?
brrr, this place is cold and murky and empty...
Hello? Hello???
Isn't there someone, anyone even a ghost as it takes two to have a chat?


  • I'm coming Pimpanalella. I'd feel like chatting up with you.
  • Yo AhQ! I'm so happy to meet you here again! Troubled times, Obsurantism spreads, distrust rises. Our forum is doomed, but AhQ, one of its more reliable pillars is here :-) We'll be able to play a last scene you and me if that were behind closed doors.
  • So, Pimpanella, my suggestion for a chat up did work. I am moved at learning we'll do it behind closed doors.
  • Hi again, Pimpanella. I wonder why you changed your photograph. That S07 makes me think of Sar wars. At watching the trailers of that movie on TV, I dislike it at all.
  • Hi my pal! Moved am I too  to perform with you what could be one of our last plays as AhQ and Pimp'...

     Let me put you in the story about my new avatar. It's for the need of the resistance that I designed it, resistance to the disappearing of this forum.
    Not on purpose I used a font that makes a 7 of the F, I kept it as it became a tricky logo, proper to throw the opponent askew, and I wrote down the real meaning of it on an out of this forum location, cf the post "resist".
    The picture of the ponytailed Pimpanella will show again if ever we manage to rescue our forum.
  • I liked your blond ponytail, Pimpa. That was the reason why I gave a follow-up to many posts of yours. Please don't get rid of it.
  • Dear you two famous writers !
    It is true that comments are very rare for the time being ...are we too lazy to express something , maybe some of us don't have time .
    Sad anyway , as it takes two to tango is always so sweet to read you in my solitude !
    Take care and carry on , at least you make me smile!
  • Hi Trifle. As for once I cast my eyes on this lonely forum, I am surprised to see that you are digging out old talks that were formerly delighting me. As I notice you are not a novice even though having started the Gymglish in 2016 - ten years after me - I would be pleased to bring back to life a chat with you and Pimpanella. That could be about a topic the three of us would be interested in. Failing that we also could ask Pimpanella to parade again on the catwalk with her ponytails or any other hairdo.
    That would also help me out with my English.
    Looking forward to getting your mind about it, Trifle.

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