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  • One of the last lesson that I reviewed was a broadcast from Radio Rhubarb.
    I laughed out loud as usual and that led me to think that I hadn't heard of that stunning team since a while. I checked out my lesson list and the last broadcast was on March 2015!
    Will I laugh again at the quarell between Moira and Brent ?
    Anyway thank you Radio Rhubard!
    Yer broadcasts break the monotonous Delavigne workflow
  • Ouch! you scared me Scrooge, I thought I was on my own here ;-)
    Tell me please, how do you manage to come on the forum nowdays, do you follow the link  at the bottom of your lessons, a small print link next to "Je souhaite me désinscrire" ? Rather difficult to find, to say the least...
    I liked Moira and Brent too. I haven't heard of them for long and I thought I had used the inventory of those lessons.
  • I bit in the apple. From my Ipad I can post. That wonders me too.
    Anyway that would'nt have impede me to view the forum but also I was afk to review the profit of a diamond mine of mine in africa.
  • Pimpanella aren't you part of the Gymglish staff ?
    You're a modertor here, right ?

    I thought that as one of his members you would personally know the Radio Rhubarb broadcasting team.

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