Okay, I'm not gonna strap myself to the grids of this forum to defend it, I'm not in favor of therapeutic obstinacy, if gymglish forum is to die, let it go.
But before I'm  ready to do so, I would like to address a message to the executives of gymglish.

At the time that I arrived on GG forum some three years ago, it wasn't exactly thriving. Its heyday was behind already. Some members were writing under different nicknames and that gave the illusion of a more crowded place.
Still, there was a steady bunch of us and it was moving. It was the right complement to on-line lessons. The place to practice, to mix our knowledge with others', to question and answer and improve in this way.
The place where we could express ourselves a bit  more than "fill the blank below".

I find very disapointing  the way this forum is coming to an end. It has been abandonned by the members of  gymglish, it has become an unhandy interface  at least for the users of some web browsers, and eventually  its acces has been cut off or it comes to the same, without any information being given about its fate.

It goes even better when you say it... I've been a more than satisfied customer of gymglish since I started the lessons  and I did let you know that  on occasion.
Now I'm really eager to to know about  your plans for the forum, if any. 
My best regards,