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FR dulçaquicole to EN ?

Does anyone know other terms than "freshwater" to translate "dulçaquicole" or "eau douce" in English ?
Example (Wiki):
"Un organisme dulçaquicole, ou dulcicole, est un organisme qui vit et se reproduit en eau douce."
could give :
" A freshwater organism lives and reproduces in freshwater"
And, what is the difference between "fresh water" and "freshwater" ?

Thank you very much for your help !


  • I for one don't know any synonym for fresh water.
    freshwater in one word is an adjective ->  a freshwater lake
    I wouldn 't drink the fresh water of this lake. (l'eau douce de ce lac)
    I drink cool water. (eau fraîche)

  • I would write: "A freshwater organism lives and reproduces in freshwater (non salt water)" and I am noticing that AhQ drink cool water.
    So let's drink to 2016 with cool water!
  • correction: AhQ drinkS cool water
  • I'd like to thank green lemon for the S he granted me, making someone turn from a Simpleton to a Superwriter.

  • Master AhQ,
    The same as ever,
    The happy medium, never.

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