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Progression and other wat nuts

Hello Gymenglish. I learn english with since last year. As I told you six moth ago, my english level is improving fast. And the level of the lesson you send me tend to be to easy for me. I'm thinking about giving up, because I need something harder. Can you do something ? Because I like Gymenglish, it would be a kind of pain is the ...
Morover, there is two days off for the learning. I want to learn english every day without any day off. Why don't you give a possibility of not having a single day off ?
I'm wainting for your feedback,
All the best


  • Hi you brilliant student !

    Maybe you should start correcting your text before sending it to Gymglish might take a little time ! No offense man ! Have a nice day and keep on working . On your " off days " you could read or watch original version films or listen to Bob Dylan songs and try to translate them ? Why not , these days , everything is possible !

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