English Grammar

Which verb needs infinitive? which needs gerundive?

Is it a list to learn for know after what verb we have to use the infinitive or the gerundive?
like: I imagine swimming / I learn to swim.
(this site is inaccessible : http://langues.cmaisonneuve.qc.ca/sbeller/quizzes/Grammar_Goblins/GGvger-infinExplan.html)
Or a general rule according to the verb's meaning?


  • Hi JPierre
    Yes, in fact you can have a list of verbs .
    Some are with ING ending and others infinitive form.
    Some have both of them depending on the meaning ok for the sentence.
    Have a look on anglais facile.com. you can freely access to thus site without registration. It s easy and you can practise exercises.
    Good job.
  • I learn to swim.

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