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Since a few months my daily lesson ends with a signature window., It really makes the learning process funnier.
I enjoy it as a kind of Magic Slate but that's a Bit of technical feat !
Can I have a few details about it ? I assume it's made of several languages with advanced libraries ? JS,, CSS, PHP and the most difficult thing to understand : jQuery ?


  • Good morning Scrooge ( that's a good one ! )

    It makes me wonder too but you made me wonder even more with your suppositions !....I can't even guess what you're talking about :
    JS -CCS and so on !
    Well done clever clogs !
    Nice day Scrooge , you got me !
  • These are Common languages on internet JavaScript, Cascading Style Shheet and ... PHP ... I once know this but I don't remember. It's an ultimate language which perform local and Server tasks and therefore is confusing.
    As for JQuery. I don't understand this library. It's based on JS while it doesn't use its syntax, objects ...
    Things are getting even more complex when you open and read the .js jquery ! Tons of instructions in a single file.
    jQuery is almost a new language.
    I can't hire an Internet developer though. Too expensive and scarse by Ducksburg.

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