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Hi everybody ! Do you need Art in your life?

This morning is rainy and grey , it s precisily Why I would like to speak with you, that day.
I think it is important to take time to look around us. The Nature is wonderful. Drops fighting to enter your house, by the windows, or knocking on the roof. Lovely sounds like notes of music.
Take time to look at the colours. An amazing palette of colors.. I like all of them.
The words are important but sometimes when you re looking for them, maybe it is good to express yourself by a drawing, a painting, by colors.,.
Do you think that the Art is important in you life?
Tell me.
Have a good day.


  • Art is in the eyes of the beholder ! I am more and more sensible to the beauty of nature.I have a beautifull big pach of tulips in full bloom rigth now and it's a delight every time i look at them. It is my wish ,one day to visit "all" the famous painting museum : l'hermitage
    Le louvre ,Orsay,Prado.Guggenhein....I also wish to go to the opera. I have seen a blue robin and a elf howl,that art in action !
  • Yes I think art is very important to our lives. Through the art we can understand different point of views and find new senses in the world. For example, when I read a book about a place, I can learn about it, and start to pay attention to the sounds, the colours, the smells that book describes. And this happen with different ways of art.
  • We need art which is the expression of the humain civilization
  • well for me arts are somthing really cool in this life and it's part of country's culture
  • Yes I also need art in my life. As a men as an artist. Also making The Artist's way method by book or web. From Julia CAMERON I DID IT 5 TIMES ! ;)

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