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hello every body
i suggest to establish a way on the net like MSN or SKYP relying to gymglish to get a speaking conference .
because if we want to improve our english speaking we should practice it every day.
what do you think?


  • Hello, dear friends.

    I think it's an axcellent idea! In fact, I had proposed the same thing elsewhere in this same forum. We can organize some public sessions using the "Skypecasts" feature. It may be called "Gymglish Users" for instance, or something of the sort, so that we migth recognize it...
  • je veux recevoir des lecons tous les jours pour que je puisse tenir une discussion en anglais sachant que j ai deja un niveau moyen
  • Way to go, Caius.
    At the ready to share a vocal communication on this Skypecast.

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