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Great idea

The lastest addition to my lessons is a great idea and named adequately as the media delight us all.
I mirror the quotes in my website.
It must be tedious to find the quote in the movie flow. How do you do ? anyway congratulation to the Hackers!


  • I agree , “ Today’s dessert “ is my favorite .
    I do wonder too how GG Team manage to find such accurate videos everyday ....
    Congratulations once again to all of you GG Team , well done !
  • Every sample is part of a YouTube streaming video.
    Could it be that they found a way to edit and manage streaming content like extracting a packet and making it a Dessert ??
    That would be a technical feat like the Drawing Pad for the signature.
    Anyway Gymglish dazzles its users.
    I know. Flattery will lead me nowhere but I can't help myself :-)
    Spoken flowers are the less expensive u know.
  • Thank you Picsou , I love your comment : it is true that they dazzle us ....wonder how they manage , brilliant ! In fact , I look at this first every morning!
    I appreciate your sense of humour , similar to theirs(? correct?) and you add : “ Spoken flowers are the less expensive you know “ .Mind you , I do love real flowers as well !
    Have a nice day
    Ps : I don’t quite get what the Drawing Pad is for ? Do you ?
  • It's obvious that it's not only for signature purpose. What's the use to have 1000+ signatures that won't leave the desk or the office at an extend?.
    It's part of this English method.
  • more today s dessert ? I m starving of them now!
    Can I have some more? ...please. ta a lot.
  • you're banned of dessert now and again as I do.
    And sometimes it's the reverse. There's too much you can't swallow. It takes time to find the good sample to picture the story out of a lesson.

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