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READING comprehension

I am really angry about the questions you asked. Des questions à la "mord moi l'noeud".Too tricky questions
I asked to a really american, with a diplom from UCLA. Very often, she doesn't agree with you.
You need to ask quetions whose answers is NEAT, precise and not " may be if she think about... may be yesteday or to morrow she might... etc etc. And the mistakes I have not done and your robot count me? Next time, I'll take a picture.
And an exercise we have done before... unfortunatly for you, I kept it and the answer was not the same as before...Bou! Bou!


  • And why don’t you give up ? Plenty of fish in the sea : the Internet offers soooo many websites to study English.
    In fact , I would say , GG might be a little too ...let’s say : witty and cheeky for you .Maybe you need a “ politically correct” method as one says nowadays !
    Have a nice day .
    Ps : do “ false Americans “ exist ? It makes me wonder ...
  • " why don’t you give up ?"

    I will not give up! My English is really better since I use G. G. For yourself: you have to insist in order to progress, not change change change.

    do “ false Americans “ exist ?
    We are ALL !!!!! false something

    My lesson , bruno booked a ticket at the theater.

    He likes to be at the 2nd row. Is it in front of the theater? For me, it's not.

    It's at the front of the" inside". I don't know how to call the room inside the theater.
    in french: la salle. Is there a special word in English?
    This lesson was so easy, I was expecting a 100%!
  • Having a look : your message is gobbledygook to me ...
    Sorry if I hurt your feelings , it didn’t seem to me you appreciated your GG lessons ...
    It still makes me wonder !
  • One can just look for improvement.
    You can appreciate something and wish it becomes "better".

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