French Grammar


When using nous and nous, my dictionary does NOT have è but has nous premenons and vows premenez. Yet your corrections does not allow this. Why is there this discrepancy


  • nous promenons, vous promenez - Do you have a copy of "becherelle - complete guide to conjugating french verbs"? It is inexpensive and very helpful with those verbs which change their spelling. In this case see verbs ending "E.ER" - number 9.

    they use PESER (E.ER verbs) as the model. the e (accent grave) only appears in the forms where the final syllable is silent; ie, je, tu, on and ils.

    I have just learnt how to add accents, so

    PESER - je pèse, tu pèses, il pèse, nous pesons, vous pesez, ils pèsent.
    Promener - je promène, ..., nous promenons, vous promenez, ils promènent

    In the verb tables it is easy to mistake which "e" needs to change... Could that be what happened?

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