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Entering accented letters

Is anyone else having trouble with the new algorithm whereby the little keyboard with all accented letters no longer appears when you enter answers? It now tells you to press the letter key and select accented letter from a much smaller keyboard, but there are only three letters in it and none of these are e acute. I tried holding down the letter key and typed 20 eeeeeeeeees and still no e with acute accent showing. I gave up and left the two es in decongele without accent and got my answer marked wrong.


  • MAC:

    á é í ó ú -> (Option + e) et la voyelle
    Á É Í Ó Ú -> (Option e) et (Shift + la voyelle)


    á é í ó ú -> (Control + Alt) + la voyelle
    Á É Í Ó Ú -> (Control + Alt) + Shift + la voyelle

    Si tu as une touche "Num Lock" tu peux aussi utiliser les combinaisons ALT + 135 pour ç ...

    Ou peut-être ça t'aide ?

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