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I don't understand Why :-(

I have been living in England for 14 year. My husband is Algerian, therefor at home i speak in English. My kids switched to English less than in half a year. I work as claim expert in Insurance company. I read a books in English for my self and bed time stories for kiddies. I have studded English in college i learned one word (Bold) :-/ and i have an accent in my native language. I don't like languages, never less i can read and write in 3 languages. I struggle with grammar and when i need to enplane the problem i struggle a lot. My spelling is not grate. it took me 3 months to learn how to spell word (Thanks) Any grammar i have learned did not stay in my head longer than 2 weeks. My husband thinks i am lazy, my friend thinks i am partially dyslexic . Everyone has given up on me. ha ha. Why i can't learn fluent English it's frustrating me a lot.
Thank you


  • Do not worry, you'll get it.
  • paralyze reading specially In English and French they are so closed In grammartical language system

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