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Funky Friday

I don't want to be rude but what the f... with last Funky Friday' results ??? There is 100% of "Jean, I never knew you felt this way. I'll marry you! "
I never voted for this, I chose another answer ! So, is it just a bug or Gymglish has become totalitarian ? Democracy is tarnished ! I really would have an answer about this problem !


  • Don't you see it's just a provocation to test our submission to fake news ? Or maybe Gymglish has been attacked by cyberbpirat hahaha? Don't believe everything you read....just stay alert and always switch on your critical mind! Even when practicing your English with Gymglish �
  • Do you think so ? A mere provocation ? Not very funny in my opinion. Why, let's wait and see if you're right.
  • What's funny is also that no one else seems to be disturbed by this result ! That's Funky! Hahaha
  • In this case, I really don't see the interest to propose a vote at the end of a Funky Friday's episode. Gymglish had better say they do what they want, that settles it.

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